Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Graduation x 2

Well I am still in the midst of a busy week, but the biggest part is over. In the past three days my family had two graduations, Chad from Messiah College, and Me from....home? Anyway, at birth the two of us decided that we'd be four years apart so that we could give mom a double dose of the maternal stress of "empty nesting." Perhaps that was mean of us, oops.
It was funny how very different the graduations were though. Messiah had a graduating class of somewhere around 700, I had a graduating class of 4. We had to wait a good hour or two before Chad's name was called and even then I had to scope him out with the (extremely nifty) telephoto lens on his camera, which caught his esteemed capped, gowned, and hooded back as he walked across the stage. My family tried to convince me to wear his graduation garb to my own, but I declined. While his ceremony took about three hours until it was all said and done, mine lasted less than an hour. We had a couple speakers, some of which were previous alumni of our homeschool group (which was nice). Chris and I both sang a song, and it was just nice and personal. So even though I didn't go through the traditional senior year that most people do and I didn't graduate Magna Cum Laude as my brother did, and I still have some college classes to finish, it's the thought that counts. I'm looking forward to next year!

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Caitlin said...

oh cool ur homeschooled? so am I! that's so awesome ;)congratulations on graduating that must b a load off ur mind. ;)